Diane Botanical Body Soap 500ml(Apple) 日本Diane森林系沐浴露500ml(苹果)

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* 日本最优质的婴儿用品
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Product Details 产品详细介绍

More than that are derived from natural ingredients Dermatologist sabon 

botanikarubodyiso-pu on the market. F

or all types of organic plant extracts and reaoiru and even 

sensitive skin gently while refreshing wash 

• For sensitive skin or even your children of all ages.

Gently wash your skin, clean ingredients Olive cleaning ingredients 

* Leith gun cleaning ingredients * • Shea Butter cleaning ingredients 

* The body to a gently refreshing botanical ekisuremongurasuekisu 

• After use or during the use, redness, puffy, itching, irritation

and other abnormalities appeared to discontinue use

consult dermatologists to and when. 

Use to keep the symptoms worse over time · 

Please pay attention to your eyes won't. 

If you are in your eyes, it does not rub your rinse it immediately.

Please note that storage on top and handling · 

Extremely hot or cold places, please do not store under 

direct sunlight in exposed locations • 

Keep your hands away in a moisture-free area.


1橄榄油PEG - 7羧酸钠(洗净成分) 2柠檬叶/茎提取物(保湿成分) 

3ー叶提取物(保湿成分) 4苹果薄荷叶提取物(保湿成分)

Moist Diane是一款被称为“身体香水美容液”的沐浴露