About us


    Our dream started from a thought of bringing in better and more complete Japanese baby products into New Zealand. From my personal experience of having twin boys. they grew up using Japanese baby products. I have found that the baby products from Japan are of excellent quality. They are safe to use and well designed to suit our babies; thus, 'Nappiesworld' was established in 2013.

    From my personal experience using Japan products, I have a great sense to select baby products that will exceed parent expectations, and have a wider product range for parents to choose from.  

    'Nappiesworld' is like a baby to us, we take care of each and every customer as they are the base of our growth. Our high services has been reward by great compliments from our customers, and this is what we are the proudest of.  We thank each customer sincerely, because this would not happen without your support. We will continue to research, and bring in newer and better quality products from Japan. Our aim is to provide NZ customers with a great and comfortable place to shop online for your baby products. Our main priority is "taking care of your baby".

    'Nappiesworld' wishes every parents & baby to be healthy and happy. 

   最初的梦想,只是觉得日本的婴儿用品更适合我们亚洲人。 希望把更好更全面的日本母婴产品带进纽西兰。由于我的双胞胎从出生到成长的过程中全都是日本婴儿产品一直呵护宝贝们长大,发现日本母婴产品从质量安全,外观设计,实用功能上给妈妈带宝宝成长过程中,提供了最大的便利和舒适性,所以2013年 NAPPIESWORLD 成立了。


  NAPPIESWORLD 就像我的另一个孩子,一路成长,我们会精心呵护它慢慢长大,尽心尽力对待每一位客人。也衷心的祝愿妈妈和宝宝及全家健康快乐。